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The project "Vash Dom"("Your House") is an internet resource devoted to the market of building materials and services. Manufacturers, suppliers, shops, building organizations and repair brigades place here the information about their products and services, publish current illustrated price-lists and news.

The most complete online catalogue of goods and services for today includes more than 350000 offers placed in 28 topic sub-items.

The catalogue of companies includes more than 75000 companies from Russia, CIS and abroad.

Constantly updated sections "Articles", "Documents", "Exhibitions" contain reviews, know-how, legal information, standards, useful advice, etc.

There are forums for exchanging the information and experience and keeping in contact with the colleagues and professional consultants online.

The project is designed for professionals working in the sphere of building trade as well as for consumers of building materials and services.

Moreover, "Vash Dom" project is an effective advertising platform.

Informational articles will tell about your business, products and services in every detail, and our specialists will find the best way of placing your advertisement.

According to the number of visitors - 8000 visitors daily - our project is the leader in the 'building' Internet.

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